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Commercial Shipments

Commercial Shipments

For businessmen and commodity suppliers from India to the world, Parcel World’s range of services has you covered from send off to delivery. We know that merchandise shipment comes with a number of risks and understand that it has to be handled with care. But we also have a duty to help you deliver your merchandise to your market or suppliers in time.

When you send your commercial shipment with Parcel World, it’s more than just courier delivery. Here are some of the service’s major aspects to prove that.

Parcel World’s courier service serves over 220+ countries across the globe, with more than 15 tested destinations on each inhabited continent. That means that you can delivery your merchandise to any market in the world that you choose when you use Parcel World.

You don’t have to deliver your commercial shipment to our offices if it’s too heavy or costly. You can always ask for our pick up service to come pick your merchandise shipment from your warehouse instead.

Parcel World has the bulky shipment handling and delivery service in place for you. The service accommodates all sizes of shipments, and comes with free customs clearance for your shipment, done on your behalf by our experts. What’s more – the bulky shipment delivery service is offered at the cheapest courier rates in India and subject to special offers from time to time.

Parcel World gives you inside information on the trade relations and business opportunities within the country you’re importing or exporting to such that you know where to invest when you decide to.

Parcel World’s commercial merchandise delivery service is not for exports from India only. It is designed to cover imports to India from any other country too. We know that there is ready market for commodities manufactured in other countries, and hope to be the bridge between you and them.

To expedite the delivery of your commercial shipment, Parcel World has delivery partnerships with major international couriers including DHL, FedEx, TNT and Aramex. They all use air, sea and road delivery to make delivery of your shipment possible to the country’s capital ad your partners.

The commodities you can send with Parcel World as part of your merchandise shipment are determined by the list of commodities we carry. You can access the list here.>>>>link to what-can-do and-what-wont page. Otherwise, we carry everything from furniture to food to clothing to medicine to books to metal.