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Courier To Romania from Surat India

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Cheap Courier To Romania | Express Parcel Delivery | Send From India To Romania


The price of quality doesn’t have to be a heart stopping sum. Which is why we offer you the best courier services from India to Romania for affordable costs that will leave you with a spring in your step. We deliver all weights of items with equivalent low charges for the different weights. For the heavier or larger parcels, we offer you excellent special rates to lower the cost.

  With our world class parcel transportation system, your parcel’s timely arrival is guaranteed. Our main delivery network facilitates your parcel’s delivery within Romania’s larger cities like Bucharest, while our smaller networks get your parcel to the appropriate destination in the other parts of the country. During your parcel’s time with us, it is highly secured. As it journeys from Mumbai to your choice destination in Romania, we track it all the way to ensure its safe and unmolested arrival.

  Our various skilled professionals for example the couriers, consigners and others work tooth and nail to make our quality service a vivid reality.

   Romania and India have diplomatic relations and a few Indian expatriates peacefully work in the European country, as well as some residents. If any of your relations or friends works in the country, we are your allies in keeping you and those you love close through our services.

   Are you looking to import or export some commercial products or goods into or out of Romania? We also offer this service with a high level of professionalism and efficiency so don’t make any more stops, come and let us be a part of your business journey.

   And do you have sensitive special documents that you want safely delivered? We do this too with utmost diligence so you can trust us to get your documents to the receiver not tampered with and in the original condition.

  At Parcel World, we want to give you the very best so we partner with international courier services like FedEx, Aramex, DHL and TNT to make this a reality.

  Our services range from;

  • Door to door courier service
  • International courier services
  • Express Parcel delivery
  • Heavy or large parcel delivery
  • Special documents delivery

  For further details or information, give us a call or services us an email.

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Courier to Romania from India

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