Customs Duty

IMPORTANT: Read through this information with care.

Before you send any parcel with Parcel World, there are certain details you must have about how the courier and customs system works.

  • Each parcel sent and delivered across borders is charged with a fee known as customs duty and collected by customs officials.
  • The overall customs duty to be charged on a parcel or shipment cannot be determined before reaching customs. Instead, it can be approximated. Customs duty may be between 20% and 40% of the value on the invoice that the sender gets after sending their parcel with Parcel World.
  • The fees and prices listed with each of our services are wholly freight charges ONLY. Customs duty is not covered within these fees; it is paid by the sender on its own as a percentage of the sending fee.
  • If the country to which the parcel or shipment is being delivered also charges duties on imports, the receiver is liable to pay them to completion.
  • The parcel may be destroyed or held if the receiver fails or refuses to pay their part of the courier fees. In the case of destroyed parcels, no refunds are possible.

You can always try to approximate your parcel’s customs duty before sending by using sites such as

Parcel World understands the world of customs, and knows that the offices can be had to navigate. That’s why Parcel World tasks professionals to help you with your duties and customs paperwork when you send with them.

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