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Excess Baggage Service

Excess Baggage Service

Are you a student travelling to study abroad with a lot of luggage? Or a family moving from home to a vacation spot with a lot of suitcases?

Save up to 50% of your luggage costs whenever you travel by sending your excess baggage with Parcel World. All you have to do is send us part of your luggage and we will deliver it for you at the airport you’re landing at.

In the past, carrying luggage on a flight or a ship was easy. One could carry any amount of luggage; shipping lines and airlines wouldn’t complain. Every suitcase was carried on board and carried to safety at no extra charge other than on the ticket. Nowadays, things have changed.

Airlines have to incur a lot more to provide their services, right from plane maintenance to fuel. Fuel prices are always rising, as are other daily costs. New airlines are entering the business, mucking the water even further.

Unfortunately, plane passengers continue to be seasonal. As a result, airlines charge a fee for every service they offer in a bid to get more revenue form less people. That includes a fee for carrying your luggage whenever you carry what they consider “too much”.

To make it easier for you, airlines allow you to carry luggage to a certain limit over which you have to pay more. That can hurt your wallet if you’re not prepared.

Parcel World recognised this problem and set out to design a solution for it. The result is our excess baggage delivery service.

You don’t have to pay more for you luggage at checkout. With Parcel World’s excess baggage service, you can always send the extra luggage you have to your destination before even going to take your flight. You will find your luggage waiting for you at your airport of choice and you won’t have to incur extra carriage costs for it.

If you are a student with a lot of luggage (computers, clothes, books), a tourist with a lot of bags or just a traveller with more bags than airlines allow, consider sending your luggage unaccompanied to your destination with Parcel World’s excess baggage delivery services.

You can trust us with your luggage; we specialise in carrying excess luggage as unaccompanied baggage with our cargo and shipment delivery services.

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