Express Import Service

Are you looking to import your merchandise from Dubai, USA, UK or Germany? Is it another country from continents such as Africa or South America? Whatever the country, Parcel World has the cheapest export services you will ever meet in India.

India may be a great manufacturer of all kinds of products, but it still depends on other countries for particular commodities it doesn’t produce. Because of good trade agreements with many countries across the world, India accepts goods from all over the globe as long as they are high quality. This presents an opportunity for businessmen looking to import goods to the Indian market. Parcel World aims to bridge that courier gap for you.

For Parcel World, express import services are a major part courier delivery. The size of the material to be imported doesn’t count; anything from a letter to a merchandise shipment of metals or books is welcome to bring to India with Parcel World.

At Parcel World, we know that the import process can be hectic and tedious. That’s why we aim to make it hassle free and smooth for you by doing all the complex tasks for you.

Parcel World aims to make your

The perks

Parcel World offers discounted rates for its courier and cargo shipments with timely delivery for countries including Germany, Korea, USA, UK, and Dubai.

We can pick up your parcels or shipments from your country of choice and deliver them for you to India.

Our mode of delivery is door to door courier delivery, so you can expect to receive your shipment at your doorstep if you choose.

Check our discounted express import service rates below.

  • Importing from USA starting at just RS. 650 per kg*
  • Importing from the UK starting at just RS. 450 per kg*.
  • Importing from Dubai starting at RS. 600*
  • Importing from China starting at RS 1250*

We can’t wait to serve you. The world’s manufacturing centres are waiting for you to make business with them, and we are ready to be your bridge to them. Send us your parcel today.

You can call us at +91 9033773267

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