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First Time Sender

First Time Sender

If you are sending a parcel with Parcel World’s international courier services for the first time, we help you understand a few aspects of the delivery process by answering your biggest questions as shown below.

Can I send my parcel on a National Holiday?

No, you cannot. Parcel World does not process parcel shipments and deliveries on designated national and public holidays. Parcels should be sent to us at least two days before the national holiday.

How long does your parcel delivery take?

Parcel World averages a parcel delivery time of two weeks or less for international destinations. For some countries such as Dubai and the United Kingdom, we offer same day delivery.

Where will my recipient find my package?

Does my receiver have to pay any fees to receive my parcel?

In some cases, yes. This is possible if their county of residence also charges customs duty on the recipient for every parcel they receive. Parcel Wold doesn’t charge for its door to door delivery services.

Who receives my parcel if the recipient isn’t at their address during delivery?

Can my parcel get delivered to my recipient in a small village or town?

Yes it can. Parcel World team of expert parcel handlers enables delivery even in the smallest of towns in the smallest of countries. For countries without a home address system, Parcel World uses major drop-of points within bigger towns to enable easier pick up.

How is my parcel delivered?

Parcel World partners with world-class reputable international couriers such as DHL, UPS, Aramex and TNT to carry your parcel abroad to your country of choice. Delivery is by sea, air or road, and when your parcel arrives in your country, it is delivered to your doorstep by a member of our courier team.

Is it possible to change the delivery address after the parcel has been sent?

Yes it is. But only if the parcel hasn’t been delivered already. If you change your mind about the delivery address right after sending us the parcel, call our customer care number immediately to get a resolution.

How do I know where my shipment is during transit?

You can use our tracking software on your website to know where your parcel is during transit. All you need to do is input your parcel’s tracking number in a search bar and click ”search”.

Do you have any other questions about your parcel’s shipment and delivery? Send it to us in an email or call us on +91 9033773267