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Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

Before any parcel or shipment is delivered to or from India, it must pass through customs first. At customs, the officials check its KYC documents to identify the validity of the parcel and give it clearance. The documents are categorised according to organisational level of either the sender or receiver of the parcel.

The onus is on either the sender or the receiver to provide these documents for the customs officials, otherwise the commodities are trapped away by the customs officials resulting in delays.

Parcel World requires all its clients to provide KYC documents when sending their parcels to rule out any delays like those mentioned above.

Below is a summary of the documents you will need to send us with your parcel, and the features that will be verified on them.

SI No.

Form of organisation

Documents required (any two)

Features to be verified



  • Voter’s identity card
  • Driving licence
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Bank account statement
  • PAN card
  • Legal name and any other names used
  • Correct and complete address of company’s present and permanent address



  • Copy of telephone bill
  • Copy of PAN card or PAN allotment letter
  • Memorandum of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association
  • Evidence of power of attorney granted to managers or offices to transact business on the company’s behalf.
  • Name of the company
  • Principal place of business
  • Mailing address of the company
  • Telephone, fax number and email address of company


Partnership firm

  • Partnership deed
  • Registration certificate’ if registered
  • Evidence of power of attorney granted to managers, partners, officers to do business on behalf of company
  • Telephone bill in the name of firm employees
  • Legal name
  • Full and correct listing of permanent address
  • Names of all the partners and their addresses.
  • Telephone, fax and email address of the firm and all its partners


Trusts and patnerships

  • Certificate of registration, if registered
  • Telephone bill
  • Resolution of the managing body of the foundation
  • Evidence of power of attorney being passed on to managers, officers to do business on behalf.
  • Any official document identifying the trustees, beneficiaries, settlers and those holding the power of attorney, founders, managers and their addresses etc.
  • Name off trustees, settlers and beneficiaries
  • Name and address of the founders, managers, beneficiaries and directors in full and complete.
  • Telephone and fax numbers of the trust founder and trustees