Medicine Delivery Service

Parcel World’s international courier services are made of up a series of services designed to help clients deliver anything they want abroad. That also covers medicine and its related parcels, which are covered by our medicine delivery service.

We understand the need for quick delivery of medicines across the world. India is one of the leading manufacturers of all forms of medicine, including pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic, and we know that those medicines are required across the world to treat various ailments. Whether it’s to a tsunami hit area of Haiti, a hunger stricken area such as Chad or a hospital in the UK, parcel World’s medicine delivery service has the right equipment and capacity to carry these medicines across the world to where you want them.

Our medical delivery services include;

  • Worldwide express medicine delivery
  • Wholesale pharmaceutical courier services
  • Lab specimen delivery and pick up
  • Lab delivery service
  • Laboratory courier pick up service

The perks

When you send your medicine parcel with Parcel World’s medicine delivery services you get more than just plain delivery. You also get the following;

We offer you pick up and convenience drop off services at no extra fee.

We package all our parcels according to the standard worldwide safety norms and regulations before delivery to any country you wish.

We also carry and deliver liquid medicines, so do not hesitate to send them to us.

You can also order medicine from India’s labs using Parcel World and get it delivered across the world to you. Parcel World’s people will buy it for you, pack it safely, and deliver it to your door step.

For this service, make sure the following are attached;

  • Letter or certificate from doctor prescribing the cause of illness, medicine ordered and its necessity
  • Letter showing medical bills to be incurred
  • Document detailing mixture recipe for Ayurveda medicines

With our delivery partnership with DHL, Aramex, TNT and other major international couriers, there’s no limit to where our medine delivery service can reach. Ours is a worldwide service, so send us your parcel already.

You can also call us on +91 9033773267 or send us an email at

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