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Parcel World courier services is a leading courier services company with headquarters in Mumbai, India serving more than 220 countries around the world. The company has been effecting delivery to all these countries for years no, and continues to deliver on its mission to make the courier delivery process easy for clients to undertake.

The team

Parcel World is helmed by a team of experts with experience in different areas and ranks of the courier services industry.

The services

Our services are designed and orchestrated by teams of experienced individuals including movers, packers, parcel handlers, couriers, trackers etc.

Parcel World offers a wide range of services that includes;

  • Express parcel delivery
  • International courier delivery
  • Excess baggage delivery
  • Medicine express delivery
  • Food courier services
  • Special document delivery service
  • Relocation services
  • Special courier delivery
  • Same week delivery service
  • Bulky shipment delivery

Parcel management

Parcel World maintains a smooth parcel management procedure for your parcel or shipment, right from the moment we receive it to when it is delivered. The company manages a pick-up service that gets parcels from people’s homes if they can’t drop them off in person.

Parcel World employs professionals that help you with filing your duties and taxes in addition to working your customs paperwork. They also help you calculate your parcel’s volumetric weight so that you can estimate the charges you will incur before send off.

For safer delivery, each parcel is packed using non-durable materials before send off. Parcels are also fitted with tracking software before send off to enable easy monitoring. During transit, Parcels are handled carefully by our courier partners to minimise damage.


Parcel World makes weekly deliveries to nearly every country on the globe to a tune of over 220 countries. Delivery to these destinations is effected in part by major international couriers including DHL, Aramex, TNT and FedEx, with whom the company has a delivery partnership.

For faster delivery, and on the discretion of our courier partners, sea, air and road delivery may be used to deliver parcels and shipments. Delivery is made to the nearest port, airport or landing site closest to the country’s borders.

Parcel World maintains teams of parcel handlers within its destinations, whose main role is to deliver parcels to their receivers at their right addresses. Locations far away from the capital or without an address system are serviced with parcel drop off points.

Courier charges

Following its mission to offer cheap courier charges from India to the rest of the world, Parcel World’s services are priced affordably, including the additional ones such as the door to door courier service. The company offers the latter free of charge, while other services including the university express service and the bulky shipment delivery service are offered at special discounts from time to time.

Customer care

Our clients can always use our website to learn more about our services, or call us on 9033773267 to ask us about anything courier related. We are always ready with a solution for you!