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University Document Delivery Service

University Document Delivery Service

If you want to send your application documents to universities out of India, you know that you need a parcel delivery service that will deliver them ahead of time and deliver them without damage. Parcel World’s university express service is that service.

The university express service from Parcel World is an exclusive air express service that has helped hundreds of students get their documents abroad safely and on time.

Many students in India get admitted to universities in the UK, USA, Germany and other countries from India, giving them access to first class education. For those trying to apply to universities abroad, a number of documents are asked for, including application forms, TOEFL or IELTS  forms, birth certificates, examination result documentation and more.

Such universities also want their documents presented on time for approval and admission. Even when you have them, sending them from India can prove to be difficult. Some courier services do not carry sensitive documents, while others have especially high charges for such documents. This situation creates a gap that affects many students and spoils their chances. Parcel World’s university express service was designed to fill that gap and make it simpler for students to get their documents abroad to other universities.

The perks

  • Free home pickup. You don’t have to travel miles to send us your documents
  • Safe delivery, which we ensure with tracking software, multi tracking options and proper packaging
  • Proper handling, so you don’t have to fear for tear or damage of your documents.
  • Quick delivery with our exclusively air express service, hence no unnecessary delays.
  • You get a 50% discount to Parcel World’s express premium services, in addition to a series of other offers.
  • Helpful customer service 24/7
  • There are rewards to be won whenever you send your documents with our university express service.

So, take advantage of our discounts and send your documents with our university express service today. You admission letter is waiting for you.

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