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Volumetric Weight Calculator

Volumetric Weight Calculator

The volumetric weight of a parcel is the total of its weight as derived from its length, width and height. The volumetric weight of your parcel highlights the amount of space it is likely to consume on a flight or container ship and how heavy it is going to be.

It is necessary to estimate and determine your parcel’s volumetric weight before sending us your parcel. All parcels are charged delivery fees depending on their volumetric weight, including large but light parcels.

Declaring the wrong parcel weight to us may result in payment of extra fees, so you have to consider that. To check your parcel’s volumetric weight, you can always check online calculators that specialise in cargo shipments. If you’re looking to calculate the volumetric weight by yourself, use the formula below.

  • Determine the length, width and height of your cardboard box and note the figures down. Remember to use the same units everywhere. (centimetres are recommended)
  • 2. Calculate the volume following the formula below’

L × W × H

L stands for length, the longest side of the box, W stands for width, the shorter side of the box, and H stands or height, the standing length of the box.

  • Divide the volume you get by 5000 to get the dimensional weight of the parcel in kilograms. 5000 is the conversion factor for same day definite, time definite and day definite parcels. 4000 is the conversion factor for EU economy services. If you are using inches, use 305 or 245 for EU economy. If you have any decimals or fractions, round them off to the next whole number.
  • Calculate the rate you will be charged using the dimensional weight you’ve got.

The overall formula for volumetric weight is;

L × W × H/5000 = volumetric weight in kilograms